Real State materialised very organically from two things I love fondly - nature & design. It started with an idea that seemed so crazy that I almost didn’t do it. But I was certain that whatever I did next had to have sustainability at its core.⁠ ⁠ After piecing together a product that aligned with my aesthetic style & resonated with my values, I worked hard to make sure we went beyond just the product to establish a holistically sustainable brand. From packaging to fair labour practices, I wanted to make sure certain values get well inculcated into our company culture from the very beginning.⁠ ⁠ We have a long way to go from being a carbon-neutral brand but I feel positive about getting there and learning along the way. Till then, I intend to keep my customers informed, stay transparent through it all and hope that we still make a difference in whatever we can.⁠

About the founder:

Simoni Bhansali is a graphic designer, turned environmental warrior. 
After her second stint in New York, she came back to India with a desire to create something that would align her creativity and passion for all things nature, whilst also supporting local craftsmen. An avid scuba diver, skier and outdoors enthusiast, the Parsons graduate, couldn’t continue to create products that harmed everything she held so dearly. 
After searching far and wide, she turned homeward and created a line of jewellery that uses upcycled marble and precious metals, in an effort to #addvaluetowaste. 
Thus creating REAL STATE JEWELLERY. The name is a reminder of the dire current state of our planet, and the marble that was first procured from her husband’s Real Estate ventures.